A Mexican designer living in London, UK; working as an Art director at Tinkah Studio.

Her career in Graphic Design started at University of Monterrey (UDEM) in Mexico, her passion led her to specialize into typography, with a Master Degree in Type Design at Centro de Estudios Gestalt, in Veracruz, Mexico; and afterwards a diploma degree in Type at EINA School of Design and Art in Barcelona, Spain.

Recently she has been teaching at UDEM as a Professor of Typography, giving some lectures and courses from distance.

Her work has been shown in exhibitions like Ampersand in Brighton, Uk; Typo_Mad in Madrid, Spain. Verita and Norten are part of the selection of typefaces display on the 2014 Edition of Typodiarum.

Additionally, part of her work variates from branding to product, including some side projects that have given her a change to combine her skills and work with different artists and designers around the world. Since 2015 she is a member of the Art Director’s Club based in NY.

Photo by Grecia Montemayor for @camaronproductions